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     Best Lie Detector game for you, Lie Detector download. The Lie Detector (Test) will help you find out if your friends, kids or others are lying. Best lie detector game on the market! Preset answers (truth or lie) beforehand in the settings menu and then ask them questions you already know the answer to. To get them to think this is real set a couple of answers to TRUTH and ask them simple realistic questions. If you think they are lying to you, preset some answers to LIE and fire away. With this Lie Detector application they will admit they were lying in no time. You can preset five questions to TRUTH or LIE, after the fifth question the answers will cycle again through the settings. If you choose to play randomly just cancel all the settings. The Lie Detector (Test) app is meant to have fun, have a few laughs with your friends and it is not a real lie detector (polygraph). Ideal party game!-[01-12]


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The "Lie Detector " is a kids game.It's rank is 100.Provided by the Amazon.This game includes Lie Detector, If you have a question about install the game,then please check our FAQs.

System Requirements:    Media:App    Languages:English    Operating System:Android

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rachel (3.5/5)2015-05-01 06:31:54
this is awesome
guiline (3.5/5)2015-04-30 13:45:08
maricon de mierda
nany (3.5/5)2015-03-08 13:18:47
ola jejejje
floreanegruilinca (3.5/5)2015-02-28 09:43:10
ce porcarie
MinthangBoicy (3.5/5)2015-02-04 10:27:45
allow me to download this scanner
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